Yes, the glasses are made from coffee cake and flax chips. Completely safe for humans and the environment. They decompose 100 times faster than plastic.
No, the glasses are okay if they get wet. With that said, you do not need to soak them.

The frame will smell for several months, but it depends on the climate.

After that, you can wipe the glasses with any aroma oil if you like.

The glasses are pretty strong, and will not break unless you apply excessive force.

Like any glasses they require careful use and storage in a case.

Yes, we can install the lenses according to your prescription. After the completion of the Kickstarter campaign, we will send you a form where you can choose the lenses you need.

All models will be presented on the Kickstarter page.

After the completion of the campaign, we will send you a questionnaire where you can choose the model you need, the color of the lenses and the prescription.

In September, you can buy the sunglasses from the Kickstarter page.

Leave your email and we will notify you of the exact start date.

As we are a Startup which means we work on a limited budget and can't offer a warranty period at the moment.

We have all the processes controlled. Each pair goes through Quality Control so we thereby assure that backers will get an amazing quality eyewear.

We will replace the goods only in the case of obvious production defects. In other cases, the cause of failure is the result of improper operation of the product.

If you have any questions, please contact us.