The World's First Coffee Sunglasses

These unique shades made out of coffee millcake & flax

Fully Recyclable Frames

Handmade | Adjustable Earpieces | Durable

Choose one of these 5 great models

Why you will love them!


The glasses are totally natural and safe for you and the planet


Lighter than any plastic glasses you had.

Polarized Lenses

Best eye protection from Sunlight with polarized anti-scrach coating leanses.
4 colors to choose.

The frame completely degrades in soil or water, 100 times faster than plastic turning into a natural fertilizer for new plant growth.

Still have questions?

Made of coffee?

Yes it’s made from natural coffee & flax


Yes frame is durable and has no aversion to water

Coffee Effect?

Yes it smells like coffee and is pleasant to the touch

Time to wear organic eyewear

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